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Violet rays

12 August, 2005

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Noticed this beautiful flower in the shrubbery at the Tirupati Rock Garden. Can any botanist help me with it's name?

Update (Aug16) - The flower is Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata). Thanks Anuradha!!

Just a thought - Wonder when Google's search technology will be advanced enough to allow us to enter an image in the search window and list relevant sites with information pertaining to the image as search results!

Shot in July2005, F/5.6, 1/400s, ISO-100. Another photo of the amazing rocks at this garden here. Entry for the PhotoFriday Challenge - 'Violet'

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  1. Anonymous Navin Harish 

    I'd say this is among your best pictures so far. Nice entry for the violet theme.

  2. Blogger Hans 

    Sehr interessante Blüte! Passt gut zum Wochenthema "Violet" von Photofriday

    Visit my Violet

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Really great shot. Well done to have not over exposed the sky!

  4. Blogger Utter Doul 

    Really enjoy your pictures, please keep 'em coming. Found your site thru "gordonsfotos | fotoblog" and am adding you to my blogroll.

  5. Blogger Dennis 

    Rahul, this is wonderful...

  6. Blogger Rahul Kumar 

    Friends, thanks a ton for the good words. Thanks Doul for adding indianimagery to your blogroll. Sure, I'll continue posting interesting images ;-)

  7. Anonymous Anuradha 

    Hi Rahul

    This is really beautiful...the flower is called Passion Flower.Am not aware of any other facts about it.And honestly Ive never seen it look so good as from your lens!

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