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Paradise Lost

29 December, 2005

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"If there be a paradise on Earth; it is this, oh it is this, oh it is this" - Firdaus

A lazy winter afternoon at the Diwan-e-Khas in the Red Fort complex in Delhi, which was used by the emperor to give private audience to 'Khas' (important) people. This housed the famous Peacock Throne adorned with the Kohinoon diamond, before it was looted by Nadir Shah in 1739 and carried away to Iran. Notice the perfect symmetry of the monument around a central vertical line?

Shot in Nov2004, F/9.0,1/125sec, ISO-100.

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  1. Anonymous tetsu 

    Interesting shot!
    You captured peaceful moment.

  2. Blogger Prateek 

    It's a pity our government does little to protect such monuments.
    A beautiful capture. The lawn looks so inviting.

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