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Fire in Spring

02 May, 2006

prev: Walk AwayI think this is an exotic variant of the Shoe Flower... the anthers look especially beautiful. Can anyone help in identifying it(the flower) correctly.

KBR National Park, Hyderabad, Kodak Z740, f/4.0, 1/500sec, ISO-80. Entry for the Thursday Challenge - Spring.
p.s. My posts can be infrequent in the coming days... keeping busy at work.. and also lack of new photo-opportunities.

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  1. Anonymous Charu 

    yes it does look like a variety of hibiscus - (is that called shoe flower?) - thye come in all shaps and colours... nice shot!

  2. Anonymous Charu 

    yes it does look like a variety of hibiscus - (is that called shoe flower?) - thye come in all shapes and colours... nice shot!

  3. Anonymous Deepak 


  4. Anonymous navin harish 

    Brilliant shot. Nice DOF and great composition. I have been seeing this flower growing just outside our society's wall and my attempt to photograph it didn't produce anything as good as this.

  5. Anonymous Frank 

    Excellent shot. Wonderful flowers, i have never seen that species.

  6. Anonymous Rowena and Eugene 

    Another great shot with an indescribale feeling of color, warmth, and freedom. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous Rahul 

    Thanks Charu, Deepak, Navin, Frank, Rowena and Eugene.. for your appreciation.

  8. Anonymous prasoon 

    thats called hibicus i thought..
    lovely shot - colors ahh.. n dof - wow !!
    anyways, am running damn busy but i guess - i will surely have to venture out alongside you to see the newer pastures of hyd n click happily :D

  9. Anonymous Somitra 

    Great Photo, looks similar to forrest fire , great shot any way

  10. Anonymous NoWords 

    lovely framing, DOF, and colors here!

  11. Anonymous Dennis 

    its too good... can i call the best of u.. may be one of ... but this flower, I always notice, but never imagined in such frame. Power of photography.

  12. Blogger Pranav & Vaibhav 

    Marvellous shot. I specially liked the way flowers i front are in focus and at the back are going out of focus. The vibrant colors look awesome.

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