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Here to... Eternity

07 June, 2006

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Noticed this amazing cloud formation extending vertically into the sky.

Himayat Sagar, Hyderabad, June2006, /5.6, 1/40s, ISO-100. Clouds enhanced using Picasa. Deliberately posting this image in a small size so that you may grasp 'eternity' in a single glance ;-)

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  1. Anonymous navin harish 

    Nice shot Rahul, The bottom bit with the water and people is making it even better

  2. Anonymous Kanchan 

    These snaps will sure make anybody want to go to this place :) Very well shot

  3. Anonymous aashish 

    amazing shot! this looks like a real angry set of clouds!

  4. Anonymous Jezebel (Marta) 

    That's a nice one, a larger version of the photo would probably accentuate how great the cloud was.

  5. Anonymous Hitesh Sawlani 

    Hello Rahul,

    Ive come across your website various times (quite random eh?) and noticed you use Picasa for editing. I strongly suggest you "aquire" photoshop, the scope of play and creativity you can get can finally unleash the potential I see in your photos.

    Whilst they have some merit, I personally feel they dont deliver a strong image/message.

    Good luck with your upcoming photos, till then.. we may just cross paths once again!

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