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Approaching Rain

24 August, 2006

prev: Double ThrillIt's raining heavily now... a few minutes back it was some distance away...

Home, Hyderabad, Aug2006, F/3.2, 2sec, ISO-100, Supported on a ledge, Unprocessed

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  1. Anonymous kanchan 

    I would say this is beautiful but after experiencing mumbai rains i have kind of started dreading dark clouds :).. Is this one from the terrace of your house?

  2. Anonymous pradeep engineer 

    A beautiful nocturnal scene.

  3. Anonymous Hitesh Sawlani 

    VERY nice colours (again!) I especially like the parallels between the road orang the and blue clouds

  4. Anonymous Rahul 

    Thanks Kanchan, Tauji n Hitesh..

    It was an absolutely glorious experience yesterday watching the rain approaching.. yes, this is from the terrace of our house.

  5. Anonymous Navin Harish 

    Awesome shot. You make Hyderabad look so great.

  6. Anonymous Rahul 

    Navin, your comment is indeed flattering! I like Hyderabad...

  7. Anonymous Satz 


    I hav migrated to new blogger beta.. look here

  8. Anonymous Navdeep 

    I like the cloud cover here ..

  9. Anonymous babylonezoo 

    j'aime beaucoup

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