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17 August, 2006

prev: Salute thy Motherland Some people get an exciting 'thrill' riding on a ferris wheel... I too get a thrill, albeit of a different kind - 'a nervous shaking of the body'... and am happy to watch these wheels from a distance...

Kakatiya Trade Fair, Hyderabad, Aug2006, F/2.8, 1/8sec, ISO-320, Handheld, Unprocessed

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  1. Anonymous Charu 

    really like this shot - it is clear that this was hand-held - the blur acutally creates that lovely feeling of movement and enhances the "thrill"

  2. Anonymous Navin Harish 

    Wow. Great shot Rahul. Really impressive

  3. Anonymous Navin Harish 

    Charu I think it is damn good for a hand held shot the blur here is because of motion, if you see the still objects, hey have come out quite nice and clear.

  4. Anonymous Charu 

    Navin (and Rahul), I thnk it is damn good too... and that is exactly what I have said here - that the blur caused by the motion enhances the feeling of movement :)
    (given this, even the still objects would be much clearer with a tripod - however I dont have or use one - so:))

  5. Anonymous Marta (Jezebel) 

    Good... We definitely want You alive ;)

  6. Anonymous Rorwena and Eugene 

    Great shot at 1/8 sec. You must hold the camera very still.

  7. Anonymous John 

    Like an alien adventure! Nice.

  8. Blogger Dennis 

    i think its a great shot... experimented well and good result in the end..

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